Introduction to GCI

Geomatika College is established in 2002 as Accredited Centre for Skilled Based Program under the Department of Skilled Based Training, Malaysia. In 2004, Geomatika was licensed as one of the Higher Learning Institutions by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The first three (3) programs that Geomatika offered were Diploma in Geomatic Engineering, Diploma in Geographic Information System and Diploma in Remote Sensing.

We were the first College in Malaysia that offers a complete programs in Geospatial area. This due to our Rector’s experience of 35 years in the field of Land Survey and geospatial. We developed the programs by demand of what geospatial industries want from a future graduate. Our links and network with world best companies in geospatial make us the most forefront in the delivering and quality of programs in geospatial.

Later on, by mission of providing programs that demand by the market, we develop and offers potential programs in four (4) different Faculties. The programs are varied from technical to social sciences and business.

We believe in good quality of teaching and delivering academic programs. Therefore, we spent in upgrading the human resource, facilities to the state-of-art and teaching and learning material to students and lecturers. By gaining full accreditation from the Qualification Agency proved that we offer the best the our future students and recent.

Located in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur and an elite area, the environment is conducive for studies experience. With complete public facilities and amenities, help the students indirectly in their higher learning years. Not far from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, students can enjoy environment of city and sub-city at both times.

As others education institutions, Geomatika always aim for the highest as “sky is not the limit”- we are committed to achieve College University status in 2012. Our mission is embrace closely to all staff and students. As stated:


  • To become renowned higher institutions in the world by providing and delivering quality academic programs.


  • To achieved College University status in the year 2012 with green technology concept in its future campus.
  • To create future graduates ready for the industry market by implementing up-to-date process and requirements also creative teaching in each of our academic programs.
  • To have strong and continuous relation with the industries as our main stakeholders to give input to the teaching and learning process.
  • To develop creative and entrepreneurship skills among all staff and students and later on innovation can be created.
  • To provide continuous training pathway to all staff and specifically to our students for them to achieve the highest academic qualification.

We are achieving more and more each and every year with our dedicated staff , strong attitude of recent students, generous industries and other stakeholders. The transferring of expertise from our university and industry partners help us to grow rapidly. We welcome each one of you (locally or internationally) to be part of us in gaining more victories together